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Your trusted Honda Auto Parts solution


Your trusted Honda Auto Parts solution



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Bravo Motor (aka UD Bravo Motor) was established in 1996, where we always provide high-quality-to-price ratio products. Aside from genuine parts, we also provide high quality after-market products
Guaranteed Quality!

Reliable & Trusted

We as experienced seller, are always transparent about the grade of our products (genuine, new or used). Therefore, you can rest assured about our quality level.

Bravo Motor is always providing the lowest price parts as we can compete with others. We, as Honda a auto part expert, emphasize on our integrity and reliability.


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Frequently Asked Question

This following questions come often to us

One of the best Japanese brands that has the best design accompanied with high safety measures. Moreover, Honda cars have been proven to have the best fuel economy compared to the same grade cars from other Japanese brands. With those features, Honda is very favorable in Indonesia. In summary, Honda cars can averagely last for 8 years with normal usage.

For you who likes remapping ECU, Honda ECU is the easiest to go. Many American brands and hobbyist do Honda ECU a lot.

We as experienced seller, are always transparent about the grade of our products (genuine, new or used). We never lie about the grade of the parts, i.e. we will confidently say it is after-market even though it looks genuine. Buyers are guaranteed going home happily with out parts.

It depends. If you have a thick wallet and love cars so much, you should go with genuine parts.

However, if you are not so concerned with your prestige, actually other than original goods are no less reliable.

All original Honda dealer parts will certainly be more expensive than after-market or OEM ones because products with the Honda original label contain the Honda image and brand itself.

Some say the same. But, they are different. Aftermarket goods are goods with a certain identity and brand that are produced with the aim of solving the “expensive” problem given by original goods. Aftermarket goods clearly state what the brand name is.

Meanwhile, imitation goods are goods that “claim” that they are the same as the original but are not the same. Usually with “Honda” label. All techniques are carried out in such a way that the shape is similar to the original, but at a lower price.

Yes and no. Some spare parts that are static (don’t move, don’t rotate, aren’t flexible like rubber) are actually the aftermarket ones no less reliable than the original ones. However, you must be careful in choosing the brand. Our team will be happy to recommend it.

It is the same case as “CPU of Windows” The seller will give you “Intel” instead of “Windows”

Genuine doesn’t always mean it is made by “Honda”. It is a business strategy to build partnerships with any profitable partners.

We suggest that all dynamically moving parts and any parts that belong to engine block are genuine. For example, Auto Tensioner, where it guarantees the belt is always in contact with the pulleys.


Want to cooperate with us? Are you second-hand part seller and want us to help you? Are you a reseller? Perhaps You want to have high margin from our low price parts (not limited to Surabaya city, we send the goods). Or are you looking for Guest Blog (Post)? Please contact us the best Honda auto parts seller in Surabaya!

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